Historical image of Barrack Street looking north, SLWA ref 041230PD
Barrack Street Jetty is almost as old as Perth itself and holds an important place in the city’s history.
When Perth was settled on the banks of the Swan River in 1829, water transport was the colony’s main travel method and it stayed that way for most of the century.

With very poor roads and limited railways, people and cargo usually travelled by boat.  Barrack Street Jetty was one of Perth’s busiest jetties, later becoming the port’s general cargo jetty.

In 1881, the Fremantle to Guildford railway line was completed taking some of the load off river transport. River boats continued to carry lighter cargo, but from the early 20th century, Barrack Street Jetty was mostly used for passenger travel.

For a long time, it was an important link in the public transport system, connecting ferry passengers with trams and trolley buses travelling through the city.   

Today, Barrack Street Jetty is still one of Perth’s most important assets and now a favourite tourism, entertainment and recreation destination. See how it’s transforming as part of the Elizabeth Quay project.